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Schulexpert GmbH

schulexpert GmbH was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of the Deutsche Fernschule.

It offers professional consulting to groups or developing schools not just in the area of education, but also in administration and organisation. Over the last few years it has played a significant role in the set up of schools such as the German School Brooklyn, the German School Manhattan, as well as the International German School Sarajevo.

Moreover, the company finds individual group solutions for German children living abroad, that are used by international schools, companies with foreign sites, as well as groups of parents abroad to organise approved native speaker German tuition. Whether for a whole school or a single teacher, whether a qualified school report or state-certified teaching material are needed, schulexpert GmbH offers you the best support for the most varied of group constellations. An example is the support of group teaching of expat children of Daimler AG employees in Mexico.

Further, the company sells courses and teaching material from the Deutsche Fernschule to groups and schools at home and abroad. In particular, the completely re-devised pre-school teaching material, covering every area of pre-school teaching, is a gain for nursery schools in Germany and abroad.

schulexpert GmbH also runs an online print shop, a mail-order bookshop and a publishing house.