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VS at didacta 2019: Inspiring learning worlds Equipment ideas and room concepts for schools offering voluntary extra-curricular activities as well as for digital classrooms

19.02.2019, 08:00h

* New room solutions for the school as a learning and living space
* Flexible furnishing for flexible teaching / floor-level learning
* Sophisticated digital room concepts
* New: JUMPER - the chair for the school of the future, by Jean Nouvel

Cologne/Tauberbischofsheim. What room concepts are needed in schools that offer voluntary extra-curricular activities? How can digital media best be integrated in learning spaces? What will the school of tomorrow look like? At the didacta education trade fair, which will be held in Cologne from 19th to 23rd February 2019, VS Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken will be taking a look at these questions and showing how furniture, media and space can optimally support learning and teaching. The new JUMPER chair, designed for VS by French star architect Jean Nouvel, will also be making its debut.

New room solutions for schools offering voluntary extra-curricular activities

Students and teachers are spending more and more time at school. That is why they need spaces that respond to their need to change between periods of concentration and relaxation. The room solutions continue to include classrooms or learning workshops for individual classes.

These are complemented by so-called market places that can be used for cross-group work or be shared by multiple learning groups. It is important that there are places to withdraw for concentrated learning or working, for example learning offices for students or teacher's offices for teaching staff. Lounges or chill-out areas are the right place for periods of relaxation and leisure. And we mustn't forget the canteen or cafeteria, without which a full school day is barely conceivable.

Flexible furnishings for flexible teaching

Teaching methods are also changing. What is increasingly sought-after today is the independent, cooperative elaboration of contents and acquisition of skills. This demands rooms whose design and equipment permit changing forms of communication - simplicity combined with flexible furniture that can be rearranged whenever necessary. This makes uncomplicated change-overs between presentation phases to group, partner or individual work possible at any time. It is also valuable if the students can choose between sitting and standing solutions. Children up to the age of approximately twelve years also like to work and concentrate on the floor.

For multi-year learning groups, it is also important to have furniture that allows children to work with one another at eye level despite their differing heights. Here, chairs with adjustable foot supports that permit various seating sizes while keeping an identical seat height are the right choice.

Sophisticated digital room concepts

Interactive digital systems are opening up additional new learning and teaching options in classes of all ages. As a specialist in the integration of digital media in school and teaching environments, "VS - Das Systemhaus" can supply everything required: from the networked classroom through interactive teachers' workplaces and on to digital administration.

With interactive displays and boards, peripheral devices, carrier systems, secure connection solutions and simple device management. All this is backed up by a comprehensive service and support package that ensures that schools can make the best possible use of digital media.

New: JUMPER - the chair for the school of the future

When architects design furniture, their starting point is the space in which it is to be used. This is the holistic approach adopted by French architect and designer Jean Nouvel (Louvre Abu-Dhabi, Institut du Monde Arabe and other buildings) when creating the JUMPER. In doing so, he designed a "chair for the school of the future" which is suitable for many different uses thanks to its six frame shapes, two seat shell variants and various seat sizes: in classrooms from primary school, through secondary school and on to university or college, as well as at workplaces for teachers and lecturers or in team and conference rooms.

JUMPER is characterized by its organic, flowing lines that give it its active appearance as well as its versatility. The structured surface of the PPP Air shell interacts with the light to create impressive
colour effects. The Ply seat shell from beech plywood brings the warm atmosphere of natural wood into the classroom. With its ergonomic shape, JUMPER supports the natural sitting posture and keeps the user active and attentive while sitting.

Awarded the Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certificate, JUMPER Active Air is also currently the most sustainable school chair on the market.

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