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JUMPER - Jean Nouvel's family of chairs for VS

19.02.2019, 08:00h

* The first school and office chair with "Cradle to Cradle™" Silver certification
* Developed for VS by Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel
* Suitable for school and office use and for every generation

Cologne/Tauberbischofsheim. When architects design furniture, their starting point is the space in which it is to be used. This is the holistic approach adopted by French architect and designer Jean Nouvel when creating the JUMPER. In doing so, he designed a "chair for the school of the future" which is suitable for many different uses: in classrooms from primary school, through secondary school and on to university or college, as well as at workplaces for teachers and lecturers or in team and conference rooms.

Design: Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel (*1945) is one of the most influential architects and designers of the present day. His buildings have changed the face of architecture worldwide. Among many other awards, he has won the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel Prize for architecture. However, Nouvel, who was born to a family of teachers, does not only design buildings. His workshops also create furniture and everyday objects: A table. A door handle. Loudspeakers. And now a chair: JUMPER.

JUMPER is characterized by its organic, flowing lines that give it its active appearance as well as its versatility. From the side, it looks a little like an insect that could jump off at any moment: agile and always ready to react. This dynamism reflects the spirit of the age and enthuses the user. What is more, JUMPER's ergonomic shape supports the natural sitting posture and keeps its users moving while sitting - whether short or tall, whether in school, at work or in a meeting.

Sophisticated design

Alongside its shape, a chair also expresses itself through its surface and colour. For the air-cushioned shell, Nouvel has developed a napped structure that reflects the light to create exciting effects that gently modulate the colour of the shell - this effect can also be found in some of the buildings he has created. In the chair, this surface is also of practical value: It ensures a good grip and prevents slipping when sitting on the chair. The chair is easy to pick up and transport thanks to the heart-shaped grip hole at the bottom of the backrest.

This grip hole is found again - although slightly higher up - in the JUMPER Ply shell made from beech plywood. The wood structure shimmers through the reflective matte stains, giving the chair a warm and natural appearance.

For the colours, Jean Nouvel has opted for fresh, uplifting shades from the VS range and also added a motivating traffic red - just as this active, inspiring chair deserves.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™

JUMPER Air Active is the first school and office chair to be awarded Cradle to Cradle™ Silver certification. Together with PantoSwing LuPo, it is therefore the most sustainable chair currently available on the market.

"Cradle to Cradle" is underpinned by the idea of a waste-free economy that thinks exclusively in terms of production cycles. All the employed materials are part of a natural or closed technical cycle. The label "Cradle to Cradle Certified" proves that the tested product is manufactured exclusively using materials that are harmless to people and the environment, that the employed raw materials can be recycled, that the use of energy and water is carefully controlled during production and that the manufacturer adheres to the principles of social responsibility.
Two seat shells, six frames, many sizes

JUMPER Air's dual-walled, napped polypropylene seat shell with air-cushioning effect makes sitting particularly comfortable. The fine perforations on the seat surface help maintain a uniform temperature, making the chair even more comfortable to sit in. The shell of the JUMPER Ply is made from stained, moulded beechwood. The seat surface is painted with a non-slip paint. This in no way affects the look and feel of the wood.

Thanks to the different frames, JUMPER is suitable for every application. For learning in groups of similar ages, the four-legged JUMPER Four and forward-sprung JUMPER Active are particularly highly recommended. When it comes to multi-year learning, the JUMPER Level and the continuously height-adjustable swivel chair JUMPER Move are the best option. The swivel chair is also suitable for working areas in staff rooms, administrative spaces and offices. The cantilevered JUMPER Meet is a good choice for conference rooms. JUMPER Move (Plus) shows off all its strengths at sitting/stand-at tables. It can adjusted up to standing height.

For school use, JUMPER exists in the seat sizes 2 to 7 in accordance with DIN EN 1729, together with the correspondingly harmonized seat shells in S, M, L and XL. This carefully harmonized ergonomic advantage is only available from VS. For office areas, JUMPER is available in the standard seat height of 46 centimetres combined with the seat shell in size L or size XL for extra comfort.

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