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AixConcept GmbH

AixConcept has been providing turnkey IT solutions for educational institutions for 15 years. More than 1,900 schools and other educational institutions in Germany and German-speaking countries receive advice, concept, implementation and maintenance from a single source. From the company headquarters in Aachen and with partners, AixConcept ensures a smooth operation of school networks and is thus a leader in the German market.

In Germany the digitization of schools is a major accomplishment. To ensure that teachers and school operators do not have to deal with network problems, we at AixConcept deliver simple and reliable IT solutions for schools. If any questions arise, there are competent contact persons on the hotline who can assist teachers with the installation, configuration and operation of the products.

With modern equipment and infrastructure, teachers can devote themselves entirely to their actual task: the content and pedagogical design of a contemporary, digital education. Modern pedagogy also means: interactive lessons. Multimedia touchscreens, which are integrated into the school network, combine projector, CD and DVD player, video recorder, computer and TV in one device and inspire teachers and students for an exciting examination of the subject matter.

AixConcept hands over the school network turnkey. At the desired appointment, all systems go to the start and thus simplify everyday school life from the first minute. Each school decides for itself which extent of school IT it will have. Whether simple but stable Internet connection, modern programs or the entire school administration with the latest technology: there are no limits. The matching hardware is included and set up by our experienced technicians.

AixConcept's experts have not only a high degree of technical insight: many of us have a pedagogical background and therefore know exactly what counts at school: we help school authorities and the teachers who are responsible for school IT in creating a media concept and developping plans and give them advise to find the best solution for their school. Because we know the specific requirements of the individual German states and know what to look for.

Anyone who chooses a school network from AixConcept chooses a partner who is specialized in school IT. We deliver all solutions from a single source. And we remain on the side of the schools after the network has been set up: if questions arise, our support can intervene at any time, and we deliver updates to make sure that our customers' school IT is always up-to-date.