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schultech GmbH

The Ulm-based schultech GmbH offers innovative products for the education sector, developed in teaching practice. As a team of educators and technicians, we work towards one goal: the successful integration of digital media into the classroom.

The company is largely based on the invention of two teachers who initially looked for an adequate media solution for their own school. After they couldn't find anything suitable on the market, they took things into their own hands. This led to the development of patented products such as VisioPro®, the best multimedia teacher's desk on the German market - developed and manufactured in Baden-Württemberg. All the technologies that make digital teaching worthwhile are safely stored and integrated without visible cables that distract the user.
Schultech focuses on effective digital classroom solutions and the associated educational benefit respectively. This results in a comprehensive approach that enables us to advise customers about the planning and implementation of the digital classroom. Furthermore, we offer training for teachers and inform school authorities on how to best equip their schools for the digital future. The fact that pedagogues and technicians are part of the team makes us the first choice when it comes to pedagogical-technical media development at schools throughout the country.
As schultech, we live the value of sustainability in everything we do. Right from the start, we have been supporting education in developing countries through social projects. In Senegal, schultech is building multimedia desks for schools together with the EMIGA development aid organization.
With production facilities in Baden-Württemberg and many years of experience in the pedagogical and technical field, we as schultech deliver everything you need for the (digital) future of your school.
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