Cologne: 22.–26.03.2022 #didacta

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eGuard APP


1. How does the App work?

If your smartphone has the eGuard application installed, it will request permission to share your location and enable Bluetooth. Sharing your location within the venue will contribute to our crowd-density system in real time, which can help us keep crowd density levels compliant with social-distancing measures. The app gives users an opportunity to avoid any crowds. At the same time, it gives Koelnmesse a way to take safety measures to prevent or disperse crowds of people.

2. Why is it mandatory to use the app?

To help ensure that the eGuard-app can deliver accurate information about visitor density at a particular venue, use of the app by everyone is mandatory at all times throughout their stay on our trade fair grounds.

3. What is the logic behind calculating crowd-density levels?

Based on the current norm of 1.5 meters’ social distance and the area a moving individual occupies, every moving individual with safe social distancing occupies an area of approximately 4.7 square metres. This concept of the social-distance norm will be applied to calculating a safe capacity for all halls and areas throughout the venue.

4. What mobile devices do we support?

We support both iOS and Android platforms.

For iOS: Phones with iOS version 10 or above

For Android: Phones with Android version 6.0 or above, and with access to the Google Play store*

*Note that the newer Huawei phones (e.g. Mate 30, P40, P40 Pro) do not have access to the Google Play store

5. What languages do we support?

We currently support English and German.

If your device language is German, the application will automatically choose German; otherwise, English will be chosen.

6. Do I require a network to run the application?

Yes. The application requires an internet connection to send your location to the system for crowd-density calculation and to receive continuous information on crowd-density levels in the venue.

7. How long should I keep the app running?

To ensure the application can provide accurate crowd-density information in the venue on behalf of safety measures to prevent crowding, and to ensure that our visitors have adequate space during their visit, we strongly recommend keeping the application running with full app permissions until you leave the venue.

8. Why do I have to grant location permission?

To provide a safe environment to our visitors, and to make it possible to provide you with crowd-density information in the venue, you must give consent to sharing your location. You will be prompted to enable location permission for eguard. Your location data will be used strictly for crowd-management purposes.

9. Why do I have to give Bluetooth permission?

To help the application get a more accurate location for your phone, you must give consent to use of your device’s Bluetooth. Users with iOS 13 or higher will be prompted to grant Bluetooth permission. This not only helps show your current location in the venue for positioning purposes but also provides you with information on crowd-density levels. This can help us maintain healthy crowd-density levels in each area.

10. Battery-life and mobile data

Will the application drain my battery?

Battery consumption on tested devices is around 7% in an hour with the app running, particularly on phones with Location and Bluetooth already enabled. This percentage may be higher if your phone is either older or running low on available storage.

How much mobile and Wi-Fi data does the application consume?

The application uses 4,2 MB of data in an hour. To work as intended, the application will remain continuously connected to the internet, as it requires sending your location to the crowd-density system for calculation and to continuous retrieval of data on crowd-density levels.

11. Permission and privacy

How private and secure are my data?

We value your privacy, and we are committed to protecting the privacy of your location data. Thus, your location information will be collected anonymously within the venue, and it will be used only to calculate crowd density. In addition, our application will never collect any data from you without your permission.