Cologne: 20.–24.02.2024 #didacta

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Diversität im Kindergarten – gemeinsam verschieden sein und Vielfalt im Kita-Alltag erlebbar machen | Event on the didacta 2024

Diversity in kindergarten - being different together and experiencing diversity in everyday kindergarten life

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The event

How can we ensure that every child in the daycare centre feels seen? How can we draw attention to diversity in the world in everyday life without putting anyone at the centre? And what exactly is diversity?

Even in kindergarten, children discover that everyone is different. They see whether someone has blonde or red hair, a dark or light skin colour, whether someone is tall or short, thin or fat. You can see whether someone can't walk and uses a wheelchair. You can tell whether someone can speak well or not.

Every person is special because of their many characteristics. The individuality of each person is what makes our society what it is.

It is important to the team at the FRÖBEL Pfiffikus kindergarten to prepare the children for life in a heterogeneous society. This is where the concept of prejudice-conscious education and upbringing comes in, in order to sensitise children to diversity from an early age. Right in the entrance area in the corridor, the specialist staff have set up a diversity area. In a suitcase designed by the children, families and children can find a variety of ideas on the topic of diversity. Books, play materials and ideas for everyday life are available here at all times.

There are also various language walls here. Families have each recorded a greeting in their mother tongue, which children and adults can listen to at any time. Another language wall shows the variety of different skin colours and hands of the children. Here you can have the children "tell" you which hand belongs to which person.

It is important to the kindergarten team that the children can have their own experiences with diversity and are encouraged to take a critical look at justice. They should be sensitised to prejudices and motivated to take an active stance against injustice and discrimination. In her keynote speech, Stephanie Hassel will report on her experiences as a multiplier for diversity and inclusion and will be available to answer questions.

Further information on inclusion and diversity at the FRÖBEL Pfiffikus kindergarten can be found here:   

Further materials on diversity and inclusion at FRÖBEL can be found here: 

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Educator and multiplier for diversity and inclusion at the FRÖBEL Pfiffikus kindergarten

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