Cologne: 20.–24.02.2024 #didacta

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DAS Akademie GmbH Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen | Exhibitor on the didacta 2024

DAS Akademie GmbH Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen

DAS Akademie GmbH Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen
Torstr. 125
10119 Berlin
Hall 7.1 | D061
MintiCity - Your Complete Digital Solution for Learning German DaF
Since 1998, DAS Akademie - Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen has focused on enriching the learning journey for kids and teens through DaZ/DaF summer and winter camps. Our early move towards digital media in 2002 set the stage for MintiCity in 2007, a platform that transformed digital education with fun, game-based learning. Co-developed with hundreds of teachers, MintiCity introduces a Learning Management System (LMS) that makes learning German engaging and personalized.

In a world where education keeps evolving, MintiCity brings top-notch digital tools for learning German, aiming at fairness in education. It provides secure environments blending traditional and digital teaching to address teacher shortages and fill learning gaps effectively.

Today, reducing educational inequality with creative methods like flipped classrooms, audio-visual content, and games is key. MintiCity values varied teaching approaches and encourages learning at one's own pace through its LMS. It’s a perfect fit for digital natives and offers support for those new to teaching, easing the load with resources like games, interactive tasks, and educational videos.

Teachers working with MintiCity receive comprehensive initial training, ensuring they are well-equipped for classroom application. Ongoing support and the sharing of practical teaching examples continue to foster their professional development. This consistent focus on educator empowerment guarantees high-quality instruction and sustainable educational success.

Interactive learning and customizable paths in MintiCity meet diverse needs, making classes more dynamic and deepening material comprehension. MintiCity is at the forefront of educational innovation, solving modern learning challenges with flexible, smart solutions for students worldwide.
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