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Schoolyear B.V. | Exhibitor on the didacta 2024

Schoolyear B.V.

Schoolyear B.V.
Het Eeuwsel 57
Hall 6.1 | F084
Schoolyear - Safe Exam Workspace
Digital exams are expanding rapidly, and large educational institutions face significant long-term decisions about how to securely administer these exams at scale.

While current capacity shortage can be solved by purchasing or renting additional computers and hiring IT staff, more and more universities are realising that this approach will ultimately have its limits.

During our participation in an Dutch education incubator program, where we spoke with over 100 institutions, we discovered the ultimate approach and solution: a future-proof Safe Exam Workspace.

Schoolyear Safe Exam Workspace enables educational institutions to gradually and flexibly integrate a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) approach with their existing managed computer infrastructure ("Hybrid delivery").

By adopting Schoolyear's Safe Exam Workspace, you address all possible future requirements:

1. Increased exam capacity: BYOD not only solves the majority of the load during peak demands but also means a more efficient allocation of managed computers.

2. Cost savings: By integrating BYOD, universities can avoid continual investment in additional hardware and IT personnel.

3. More flexibility: Move away from being constrained to large hall end-of-period exams. Give your educators the flexibility to test more frequently in any lecture room, without dependence on scheduling or IT support.

4. Support for all assessment types: For a long time, secure browsers could only run websites and PDF files. Schoolyear closes this gap by enabling teachers to configure any restrictions they need: Websites, Documents, and real desktop applications (e.g., Excel, SPSS, Matlab, R, Python). All students, regardless of device, have access to the same applications without installation, and files are never saved on the local machine.

Schoolyear is successfully used by more than 50 universities.
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