Cologne: 20.–24.02.2024 #didacta

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Demokratie von Anfang an: Wie die frühkindliche Demokratiebildung im Kindergarten unsere Zukunft prägt. Impulse für die Kita, um demokratische Werte zu vermitteln. | Event on the didacta 2024

Democracy right from the start: How early childhood democracy education in kindergarten shapes our future. Impulses for the daycare centre to foster democratic values.

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Early Education
FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH
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The event

The keynote speech "Democracy from the very beginning" focuses on early childhood democracy education in kindergarten, which plays a decisive role in shaping the society of tomorrow. In a world characterised by diversity and social challenges, it is clear how important it is to familiarise children with democratic values at an early age. This pioneering approach not only creates the basis for respectful coexistence, but also lays the foundation for committed and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Playful methods prove to be particularly effective. Through games and interactive activities, children learn to co-operate, communicate and understand different opinions in a natural way. The focus is on teaching democratic principles such as equality, freedom and respect in a child-friendly way. Children are encouraged to express their own opinions and understand the perspectives of others.

With this keynote speech, we would like to initiate a discussion and collect ideas together! We look forward to a lively exchange and to exploring the importance of early childhood democracy education together. Let's set the course together for a democratic and responsible future for our society.

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