Cologne: 20.–24.02.2024 #didacta

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MinD-Stiftung gGmbH | Exhibitor on the didacta 2024
Hall 8.1 | Stand C039

MinD-Stiftung gGmbH

MinD-Stiftung gGmbH
Wandlhamerstr. 2
82166 Gräfelfing
+49 8986466251
Mensa in Germany
With around 16,000 members, Mensa is the largest network for highly gifted people in Germany. Mensa in Deutschland e.V. was founded in 1979 and is a member of Mensa International, the umbrella organization founded in 1960 and now comprising over 50 national organizations with more than 145,000 members worldwide.

Diversity and neutrality
Mensa is the Latin word for table - and Mensa brings highly intelligent people to this metaphorical table regardless of their origin, background, age, gender, sexual orientation, political and social background and level of education. Mensa cultivates an intellectually and socially stimulating atmosphere for its members and offers them a platform for private and professional exchange. Mensa strives to use intelligence for the benefit of humanity and does not itself pursue any specific political or ideological goals. However, Mensa would like to dispel the negative stereotypes surrounding giftedness in society.

Anyone with an intelligence quotient (IQ) higher than 98% of the population can become a member. In the intelligence tests commonly used in Germany, this corresponds to a score of 130 or higher. Mensa offers standardized, scientifically recognized intelligence tests to determine IQ. In addition to the evaluation of the score, participants can request a more detailed evaluation of their intelligence profile.Every year, around 450 IQ tests are carried out with 3,500 participants and 500 external assessments are reviewed.The tests are organized by trained volunteers in numerous German cities.

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